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Trading Tunnel.Com (TT) was founded by Mr. Vinod Mithani. We are expert in field of technical analysis and we DECODED some top secrets from TUNNEL THROUGH THE AIR. written by W.D.GANN. During 90's very few people were active in stock market as compared to recent times. It was considered a risky thing to do even though many have made a fortune from this market. The starting was good; you may call it the beginners luck, the market was going through a bull run. I made some good money in the market. But then came the crash of 2000 and it was a disaster for the investors. Nifty fell by more than 50%.
It made me think what is it that made the market go up and then go down like a house of cards. Everything in this world has a cause and effect relationship, the stock market cannot be an exception to it. Then I read about W D Gann on internet, he used to predict the market movements in advance with a high level of accuracy. Then I started researching about his work.
I got the basic knowledge abt W D GANN from Mr.shyamal sinha, he teach me lot but my goal was obtained high accuracy. After that I took it upon myself to study gann. I read all his books and after a decade of hard work and by the grace of almighty, I have cracked a few secrets of gann. I will not say that I have decoded all his secrets but I have cracked enough to trade comfortably in the market. I am able to make a tunnel thru the air. The research is still continuing and I hope someday I would be able to decode all the hidden mysteries of gann.

Mission & Vision

Finding the Hidden order in the chaos

Generally it is said that the stock market movements are chaotic in nature, it is impossible to predict where the price will go in future. It is believed that in long term prices always go up as it is assumed the performance of the companies are expected to grow consistently. But after reading about W D GANN, I started believing that natural cycles work in the stock market as well.

In this infinite cosmos, our galaxy is just like a dot. In that galaxy our solar system is a speck and when it comes to our planet earth. It is like a super speck. From spinning galaxies to tiny atoms everything is governed by nature. So if the whole cosmos is controlled by the natural law, then how come the stock market remains out of its purview? The only question is that how to apply it to the price movements of stocks. The price movements may seem chaotic but there is always a hidden pattern in it which is related to the natural law.

My life’s aim is to decode all the hidden secrets of gann. With the gods grace I hope to achieve the goal of my life soon.


Who is W.D.Gann?

WD Gann is THE LEGEND in trading folklore. WD Gann's body of work was enormous and covered many interesting areas of speculative ventures including the stock market and commodities or futures trading. When 16 years old he left the school and worked as a seller of goods in trains, worked at cotton warehouse. Later he devoted years to markets study and when 23 started working in brokerage company in Texarkana. He was 24 when did his first trades in cotton and then moved to New York.

1908, W. D. Gann discovered revolutionary “Master Time Factor”, with the help of which he forecasted market turns to the day. He also traded two accounts starting with USD 300 and USD 130, which increased to USD 25000 in 3 months and to USD 12000 in 30 days. Since then he became known as phenomenal trader.
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